1. I have 100 of these ‘Skater’s Alphabet’ prints for sale here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EdSyderArt

  2. Pencil sketches for my #skatersabc series (An A-Z of Pro Skateboarders.) See the finished versions on my instagram.

  3. Here’s two pictures I’ve done just for fun lately. They might end up as paintings, or prints, I dunno.

  4. Kid Mafia fan art

  6. You can download my comic ‘About A Girl #1’ right now from Sellfy.com

    Whoever said Modern Life Is Rubbish?


  8. Gimme Gimme Interview: Ed Syder & Tod Swank

  9. SOLD.

    Casey Killoteen 1 - painting - acrylic on canvas - signed. My first painting in 10 years, lots more to follow. This one is of Casey, a character from my zine ‘Killoteens.’

  10. Royal Trucks just released my ‘Video Days’ shirt. Grab it at your local skate shop, pronto!

  11. killoteens:

    Killoteens 1 is on sale now. Ltd edition of 50 copies. Buy it here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/EdSyderArt

  12. Foundation Skateboards have reissued my Corey Duffel ‘Gimme Gimme’ graphic.

  13. Want to see more regular updates? Follow me on Instagram @edsyder

  14. I’m on holiday so I’ve spent the day doing some more painting (finally) on this. What are the odds against me ever finishing this?

  15. pages 1-10 of ‘About A Girl’ by Ed Syder.